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IC inbox

[ There's a good while of silence, aside from the rustle of a paper, like a page being turned. ]

Oh, yes, right! Hello! How do I do one of these voicemails things again?

[ Another bit of silence, and then he clears his throat. ]

You've reached the Doctor - the eleventh, to be exact. Leave a message and I'll get back to you, promise!
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day 404, voice

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So, you wanted to learn who it was that I fancy? [he's teasing here, joking tone in his voice.]

I've sent off the gift to her, by the way.
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[ And then Turlough take's the Doctor's unexpectedness for worry. ]

There's not any rule against it, is there? Because I've already sent her the gift and note.
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She is, isn't she? [ wistful siiiiiigh. ]

I really like her.
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[ Aaaaand then he splutters for a bit. ]

Doctor! I'm hardly adorable.
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[ siiiiigh. ]

Think what you want, Doctor.